Summary: Woods of Indian Run Subdivision Restrictions Policy

The Board of Trustees is concerned that realtors and potential residents of the Subdivision have a good understanding of the restrictions that govern the Subdivision.  These restrictions are presented in the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions and Easements (Covenants) that apply to each lot in the Subdivision. The intent of the Covenants is to create a high standard of quality as well as a degree of compatibility and uniformity throughout the Subdivision. This page gives a summary of some of those restrictions.

However, we strongly encourage you to review both the complete HOA Regulations & Neighborhood Covenants that are also found on this web site.

It is important to note that the Board of Trustees diligently enforces the restrictions for the Woods of Indian Run Subdivision, and that the Association requires plans to be submitted to the Board for approval before any construction work begins. If you have any questions, please e-mail Info@WIR-Dublin.org.


The Board of Trustees,
Woods of Indian Run Homeowners Association

Summary of Covenants Restrictions

Item   Description   Page in Covenants
Development standards   Provides a description of the general character of the Woods Of Indian Run Sub-division including fence policy.   4, (F), Exhibit A
Design guide   Provides the general guidelines for the homes in the Woods of Indian Run Sub-division.   4, (G), Exhibit B
(Architectural) Review Board   Homeowners are required to submit applications for approval to the review Board for any building or remodeling including painting or staining house exteriors. The Board has oversight of and responsibility for the Subdivision’s Design Guide and Development Standards.   4, (H)
Driveways   Only concrete, pavers or brick allowed.   6, (S)
Antennas   None allowed but small satellite dishes are allowed as required by federal law.   6, (V)
Storage tanks   Only propane tanks (for barbecue grills) less than 50 pounds capacity allowed.   6, (W)
Swimming pools   Above ground pool larger than 48 square feet not allowed.   7, Z
Permanent sports facilities   Explicitly disallowed except for driveway basketball hoops and poles.   7, (AA)
Mail boxes   Specifies mailboxes shall be uniform, and the stain shall be uniform unless permission to stain house trim color is granted by review board.   7, (AB)
Yard lights   Specifies uniformity and that yard lights be operated from dusk to dawn.   7, (AE)
Property maintenance   Explicitly requires property owners to keep property maintained.   8, (AL)
Various   Association (which became grantor on July 7, 1997) has responsibility and authority to enforce covenants; covenants reorganized to accommodate changes and to allow for better flow of provisions; language clarified; covenants apply to all lots uniformly.   Throughout document